Rectangular Dissipative Silencers

Ruskin Titus Gulf (RTG)

rectangular dissipative silencers come in a variety of configurations. All of the silencers have the ability to be stacked into large banks, thus accommodating an infinite amount of duct sizes, eliminating expensive transitions.

These silencers are the first choice of designers for rectangular dissipative silencers. As with all Ruskin Sound Control silencers, the data for these products has been developed in strict accord with ASTM E477 in independent and recognized laboratories to test acoustics and aerodynamic performance of duct silencers.

Primary Applications

  • Standard: VAV boxes, rectangular ductwork, air handling units, generator radiator silencing, tunnel ventilation, general ventilation.
  • W/ Non-fibrous Liner: Clean room systems, hospitals, chemical laboratories, cooling towers (DM), fume hood exhaust.


  • Acoustical attenuation across all eight octave bands
  • Can be stacked to make large banks
  • Can be sized to match duct dimensions, eliminating need for expensive transitions between silencer and ductwork
  • Standard lengths of 36;’ 60″ 84;’ 120.”

Key Design Features

  • Solid radius nosepiece.
  • Fully tapered pod.
  • Uniform Expansion Angle.
  • Superior Static Pressure Performance.
  • Superior Static Pressure Performance.
  • Acoustically Transparent Perforated Liner.
  • Acoustical Grade Fibrous Media.
  • 1-1/2″ Flange.


Rectangular Sound Attenuators - A

Rectangular Sound Attenuators - AM

Rectangular Sound Attenuators - DM