Apr 2015

Ruskin Aluminum Airfoil Low Leak Damper – CD50

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Beside its minimalistic operation (manual or automatic control), most commercial Dampers are used in buildings to regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system. They can be used in intake, exhaust, or mixed air applications. However, when using Ruskin’s Aluminium Aerofoil CD50 damper in a LEED project - commercial benefits can be identified through the energy savings in the building envelope and throughout the ductwork. The uniqueness of the Airfoil blades design provides greater strength, reduced pressure drop and noise. It is first AMCA licensed low leakage Class I damper that meets requirements of IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 by leaking less than 3 cfm/sq. ft. at 1 inch static pressure. The CD50 is suitable for auditory provisions due to the project’s nature, where dampers are needed to have the maximum sound absorbing features. For more details please contact our sales and technical team at sales@ruskintitus.com or call at 04-4213560.